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CAB Home » Radio astronomy » News » Publications - Detection of Reactive Ions Towards UC H
Detection of Reactive Ions Towards UC H

Rizzo, Jose Ricardo; Fuente, Asuncion

We report the first detection of the reactive ions CO+ and HOC+ towards ultracompact (UC) Hii regions, in particular Mon R2 and G29.96-0.02. Two positions in Mon R2, the peak of the UC Hii region and a position in the high density molecular cloud which bounds it, were observed. CO+ and HOC+ were detected at the UC Hii region but not in the molecular cloud, as expected if the CO+ and HOC+ emissions arise in the PDR surrounding the UC Hii region. The measured CO+ and HOC+ column densities are of order of ? 1011 cm 2 in both sources, which yields a strikingly low [HCO+]/[HOC+] abundance ratio of 460 in Mon R2. Our values are similar to those found in some other well-known PDRs, like NGC 7023 or the Orion Bar.

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