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CAB Home » Radio astronomy » News » Publications - Shocked gas layers surrounding the WR nebula NGC 2359
Shocked gas layers surrounding the WR nebula NGC 2359

Rizzo, Jose Ricardo; Martín-Pintado, J.; Desmurs, J.-F.

NGC 2359 is a Wolf-Rayet (W-R) nebula partially bound by a rather dense and warm molecular cloud. We present the results derived from CO and 13CO fully sampled maps of the molecular material with angular resolutions up to 12arcsec . We have detected three different velocity components, and determined their spatial distribution and physical properties. The kinematics, morphology, mass and density are clearly stratified with respect to the W-R star. These features allow us to learn about the recent evolutionary history of HD 56925, because the multiple layers could be associated to several energetic events which have acted upon the surrounding circumstellar medium. Hence, a careful study of the different shockfronts contain clues in determining the present and past interaction of this evolved massive star with its surroundings. From the analysis of the mass-loss history in massive stars like HD 56925, we suggest that the multiple layers of shocked molecular gas are likely to be produced during the earlier LBV phase and/or the actual W-R stage of HD 56925.

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