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Observing Proposals

Where and how to submit proposals

To make Radio Astronomy observations using the antennas of the Robledo station, you should submit a proposal, following these guidelines:

Single-dish observations

If you are a Spanish astronomer (or you work at a Spanish research institution), you can submit your proposal for ''Host Country'' time to LAEFF.

Any other astronomer should submit his/her proposal to DSN Radio Astronomy.

VLBI observations

The Robledo antennas are part of the European VLBI Network (EVN). You should normally send your VLBI observing proposals to the EVN, indicating that you want to include one of the Robledo antennas.

If you want to make a VLBI observation involving only DSN antennas (those at Robledo, Goldstone or Canberra stations), you should contact DSN Radio Astronomy.

If you are a Spanish astronomer, you might want to use one of the Robledo antennas together with some other radio telescope(s) at which you will have some observing time. In this case, you may send your proposal to LAEFF, asking for ''Host Country'' time.

Example of proposal submission form

Send a proposal