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Electronical Submission
This page is built for information purposes. All the web pages of the Radio Astronomy division are continuously changing, providing information about the available instrumentation, as well as the new developments.

Although some information is provided about several bands and backends, we are now routinely accepting proposals just for K band spectroscopy, using the spb500 spectrometer.

Some other observations are even possible:
- S, X, L, and Ka band.
- continuum.

In case you are interested in some of them, please write us an e-mail.

Electronic submission of proposals for K band are mandatory, using this form.

  • Read first the instructions
  • Read our response and check your submission

    Proposal form
    Title (mandatory):
    PI (mandatory):
    e-mail (mandatory):

    Technical data
    Principal antenna (mandatory)
    Does the project need another instrument? No Yes
    Main LaTeX file (.tex):
    Additional compressed file (.tgz):

    To make the proposal you will need the template file proposalexample.tex (in LaTeX) and the style file proposal.sty.

    The main LaTeX file must be completed according to the template. Make sure that your main LaTeX file has no errors when compiling (use the two files, style and template to test it).

    The additional file may contain any suplemental or information for the proposal (figures, tables,...).

    All the files will be required by the main .tex file when compiling.

    The additional file must be tarred and gzipped before uploading.

    How to make a compressed file:
    > ls proposal_directory
    > tar zcvf submit.tgz -C

    Read our response and check your submission
    Few seconds after the proposal submission you will receive a response from the submission via browser and by e-mail. You will receive a link to view the PostScript file generated.

    Reasons for proposal submission failure:
  • the LaTeX file is incompleted or wrong
  • the proposal.sty file is out of date
  • the submitted file is incomplete

    Note: the scientific team will notified you in few days about the proposal.
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